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Mon, Sep 15 2014

    • league of punks

In the midst of all the great things we do around P’unk Ave to maintain togetherness and camaraderie on our team:

...the list goes on…

The one that I’m really fired up about right now is the “League of P'unks” – our very own Fantasy Football league. The league was organized by P’unk Ave’s Alex Gilbert, who wrangled everyone together for draft night and built excitement for the season to come.

The League of P’unks is a group comprised of individuals that may not all have an intimidating level of football knowledge, but have great smack talkin’ skills.

So here’s the line-up in order of draft pick:

  • #1 - Kate as Hot Sundae
  • #2 - Kerry as BigDig Ballers
  • #3 - Joel as Team Bellacheck
  • #4 - Alex as I Am Groot
  • #5 - Me as Team TirthCat
  • #6 - Sloan as Hope Creep
  • #7 - Matt C. as The Newburgh Sting
  • #8 - Dave as The Kyu Bees
  • #9 - Matt G. as The Handsome Aboriginal
  • #10 - Stuart as The Pigskin Padres

Already in week one we had a few head to head matchups against our newly announced Khronies! Nothing like a little good competition to kick off our Khronyships.

On top of all the fun smack talk, drinking beers and getting together on game nights - being part of the league has become somewhat of a project for me. I am totally new to fantasy football- so it all started out with a lot of research and spreadsheet making to help me out on draft night. I’ve noticed I naturally began to use the process I use as a designer. I was asking others questions, observing other leagues, testing my draft in a mock draft, and of course, strategizing!

As my process emerged, I noticed even more similarities with my projects. One being at any point there is a chance there will be a change in the game that will impact the season (or project) down the line. Like any project, it’s important in fantasy football to be on top of changes and as much as possible to make revisions and iterations to the process along the way.

From the first two weeks, what I’ve realized is - fantasy football is one major crap-shoot. Who is to tell who will win the ‘ship...I mean...Team TirthCat, of course.

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