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Geoff DiMasi

Our fearless leader, Geoff started P'unk Ave after teaching for years at UArts. A founder of Indy Hall and curator of Ignite Philly, his optimism is infectious and effective. 


Tue, Nov 4 2014

We are excited to welcome two new team members to P'unk Ave: Samantha Combs and Jimmy Harrison. They both started yesterday so it seemed like a good idea to have them print their own P'unk t-shirt. I highly recommend it!

    • sam

Samantha came to Philadelphia in 2013, and is so excited to join the P'unk team. She studied physics in her native Florida, and then earned an M.S.E. in civil engineering from Johns Hopkins. Her love of traveling has led her to live in 3 countries, and backpack many more. She is also interested in social justice, pizza, and deciphering Murakami novels.

    • jimmy

Jimmy Harrison is a full-stack developer with years of experience using a variety of web technologies. He studied music and computer science at the University of Virginia, and combined his interests in the two fields while creating electroacoustic sound art and audiovisual installations. After graduating with High Distinction, he spent a couple of years doing software development and integration in the government contracting industry before coming to Philadelphia and P’unk Avenue.

When he isn’t writing code, Jimmy spends his time endeavoring to make himself a better musician or—in warmer months—enjoying the outdoors on backpacking excursions in the Appalachian Mountains and elsewhere.

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