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Experience is the great teacher

by Aaron Block

You can learn a lot from books. But there’s one thing (at least) that books can’t replace: Experience. This summer, I was an intern at P’unk Ave. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about…
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What I Learned About Learning While Learning Programming

by Olivia Haas

The P’unk apprenticeship stands as one of the most difficult and rewarding things I have ever done. I began the program running on a volatile combination of uncertainty and confidence, knowing little more than how to…
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How I Got Here and What I Learned Along the Way - Month 4 in the P’unk Apprenticeship

by Joel Smith

On a trip this last weekend, I was reflecting with a friend about how we arrived at our current stations in life. Our lives are incredibly parallel at this moment: we both spent time in graduate…
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Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose in the Building of the Apprentice Page - Month 3 in the P’unk Apprenticeship

by Joel Smith

You may or may not have heard, but P’unk Ave published a new webpage this past month. It’s a page that fleshes out the specifics of our apprentice program. You can check it out at http://apprentice.punkave.com.…
    • Franklin as an Apprentice

What Apprenticing Is All About - Month 1 in the P’unk Apprenticeship

by Joel Smith

The Plot Thickens On a Monday morning about three weeks ago, I showed up to work at 1168 East Passyunk Avenue. We broke some ground that morning: P’unk Ave started an apprenticeship program with me as the…