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Workshopping Library Makerspaces

by Rachel Messeck

Our retreat workshop service draws on components of our website redesign process-- specifically, the collaborative, consensus-building design workshop. Using this human-centered approach, we highlight both personal experience and team values. We believe that identifying values and…
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Without a Whiteboard

by Olivia Haas

The design universe is filled with creative tools that orbit every step of the process. The whiteboard is widely recognized as an indispensable one in ideation. The shiny white surface promises the potential for endless thought…
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by Daniel Cole

Ask a book designer to define the terms 'ui pattern' or 'vertical rhythm' and you might get a blank stare. Neither of these terms existed until the recent past, but Google returns plenty of results for…
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Prototyping funny

by Stuart Romanek

Run the term 'prototype' through Medium's search field and be overwhelmed with the number of opinions, methodologies, & frameworks for design and web development that come back to you. A hot topic for sure with a…
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PlanPhilly: connecting the people with their city

by Thomas Boutell

Engagement with Philadelphia is one of P'unk Avenue's core values. So when we got the nod to redesign and rebuild planphilly.com, we were excited. PlanPhilly "engages and educates citizens on the value of a well-designed city…
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The P’unk Way: Empathy, Authenticity and Alanis Morissette

by Ilyssa Kyu

Not only am I one of the newest – and most female-est – additions to P’unk Avenue, but my position as a user experience designer & strategist is new to the team. While P’unk Avenue has…
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Press Pause, Breathe

by Tim Quirino

I'm writing this on the eve of a new year. For many people, this is the perfect time to recall what has happened in the last 364 days, and I can't really blame them. The truth is,…
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Great Philly Schools: information matters

by Thomas Boutell

Today we were proud to launch Great Philly Schools, a project of the Philadelphia School Partnership. Great Philly Schools brings together information about all schools in Philadelphia: public, charter, parochial and private. The Philadelphia School Partnership…

South by Southwestward

by Rick Banister

So I decided to submit a panel to SXSW this year. I'm not the most vocal/outspoken/social member of P'unk Ave, but I rank amongst the most opinionated. As the lead designer here I touch nearly all…

Replacing Twitter: A Modest Proposal

by Thomas Boutell

Everybody loved Twitter, then they started pushing the other birds out of the nest, now folks are mad. Yeah, well, that's what happens when you put all your eggs in one nest. That you do not own.…
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Nice Touch

by Geoff DiMasi

It rained all day yesterday in Philadelphia. Walking down the steps into the 10th & Locust Hi-Speed Line (PATCO), I noticed an embedded piece of diamond plate metal in the floor below the first step. I…
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Chalkboard Doppelganger?

by Geoff DiMasi

This weekend, I was having breakfast while flipping through an old issue of This Old House magazine and came across the picture below of the chalkboard calendar. I thought it was cool how they did represented the…
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A Modest Proposal to Return the Delaware Waterfront to People

by Geoff DiMasi

Last night at Ignite Philly 6, I talked about an idea that may seem radical at first glance, but I really do think is a very reasonable and dare-I-say modest proposal. I would like to remove…

Google's new "App Inventor" is a game-changer

by Thomas Boutell

There are now 10,000 Android developers, as opposed to 40,000 for the iPhone. And Google is gearing up to release App Inventor, a tool for nontechnical Android app developers that is strikingly similar to the Scratch…
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Apostrophe 1.0!

by Geoff DiMasi

We have labored long and hard to prepare for the 1.0 release of Apostrophe. As we said before, it has been stable and in use for a long time now, but we wanted to mark a moment…

Oh So Close!

by Geoff DiMasi

We have decided to push back the release of Apostrophe 1.0 until tomorrow. We are truly in the home stretch. Just hitting a few bugs, finishing up documentation and adding some instructional content to the demo…
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punkave.com is way cooler now!

by Rick Banister

Not to toot our horn or nothin, but we've just launched a new site for ourselves. At 6:05pm on the last business day of the year we've cobbled our children some new shoes. It was a lot…

Give PNG a Chance

by Thomas Boutell

When I led the PNG working group and edited the first ten drafts of the PNG file format specification, I hoped that PNG image files would swiftly replace GIFs. I was wrong about that. Netscape, which…

How to open Google Calendar (or any URL) on your Mac at scheduled times of day

by Thomas Boutell

We make heavy use of Google Calendar here at work. Unfortunately I rarely remember to look at it unless an alert has specifically been set up to get my attention. This morning I set up my Mac…

My Play History

by Geoff DiMasi

For several years, I taught a Game Design course in the Multimedia department at UArts. To give this course more intellectual heft, I would say that play is essential to humans. I went so far as…