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    • lissajous

Improvising With Code

by Kyle Stetz

As a creative person hanging out at the intersection of a bunch of things- design, programming, music- I'm always seeking new ways to mash them up. I've had a long relationship with music and try every…
    • Ed Tettemer at the Junto Retreat

What is the Junto Retreat?

by Geoff DiMasi

"The Junto made it clear that it's very possible to run a business that's for good, and for profit." — Kristin Thomson "What is the Junto Retreat? I've answered so many times in conversation, but never…
    • show

Show, Don't Tell

by Joel Smith

So the seer spoke as untroubled he held his all-bronze shield. No symbol was fixed to his shield's circle. For he does not wish to appear the bravest, but to be the bravest, as he harvests…
    • ncsa mosaic

What are YOU looking at?

by Thomas Boutell

No, seriously. What web browser are you looking at? We build websites. And like everyone who builds websites, we like to design and build sites for shiny new toys. Modern computers. Modern smartphones. Products with illuminated…
    • web development

Experience is the great teacher

by Aaron Block

You can learn a lot from books. But there’s one thing (at least) that books can’t replace: Experience. This summer, I was an intern at P’unk Ave. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about…
    • Indian Beach, OR

In My Short Life So Far

by Ilyssa Kyu

Recently I attended a conference in Portland, OR called the World Domination Summit. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. While I anticipated a generally great and inspiring experience, I could never have imagined the…
    • brand workshop

The Future of Apostrophe

by Kyle Stetz

Three months ago I wrote about the changes we were going through in the Apostrophe project and how excitement played a central part in that. I'm happy to report that excitement is at its peak this…
    • 2014 05 08 11 50 30

What P'unks care about

by Thomas Boutell

What do P'unks care about? Joel Smith cares about the worldwide JavaScript developer community. Kyle Stetz cares about building enthusiasm for open source. And Olivia Haas has learned how to climb the open source mountain while…
    • sandlot

Teams @ P'unk

by Matt Coppola

At P’unk Ave we have teams. The teams are designed to handle client projects from start to finish, and each member contributes their expertise at every stage. This means designers get to work with the developers…
    • Dad

What Are You Bringing To The Table?

by Matt Goold

With Fathers Day just passing us on the calendar, it has me thinking about my dad. Except this year, I'm looking at him through a slightly different lens as I am soon to be a father…
    • breakfast

Beer, Bacon, and Birthdays

by Rachel Messeck

P’unk Ave is a pretty unusual place to work. From the fact that we have four showers in our studio, to the fancy door handles with locking mechanisms none of us can figure out, to a…
    • P'unk on the Schuylkill

What it Means to be a Khrony

by Ilyssa Kyu

When we talk about the work that we do and the types of clients we work with, we often mention the desire to create and contribute to the kind of city and world we want to…
    • Plateau

What I Learned About Learning While Learning Programming

by Olivia Haas

The P’unk apprenticeship stands as one of the most difficult and rewarding things I have ever done. I began the program running on a volatile combination of uncertainty and confidence, knowing little more than how to…
    • kingalphbet


by Daniel Cole

Ask a book designer to define the terms 'ui pattern' or 'vertical rhythm' and you might get a blank stare. Neither of these terms existed until the recent past, but Google returns plenty of results for…
    • philadelphia skyline

Why I became a Philadelphian

by Jan Mlcoch

It was the fall of 2011, I was in my college dorm room, and I was on the phone with someone 3,000 miles away having the worst interview of my life. “This is supposed to be…
    • coffee brewing

Caffeine and Mastery

by Ben Rosenbach

One of my favourite things about P'unk Avenue is the culture we create around mastery. Mastery is one of three tenets that determine whether a new project will take us one step closer to the company…
    • First State of P'unk

States of P'unks

by Alex Gilbert

In the fall of 2011 two transformative things happened at P’unk Ave: We had our first significant scare in regards to the health of our upcoming project pipeline. We started taking seriously how we tracked sales,…
    • EF Workshop

Getting Out of the Way

by Sloan Miller

How often have you wished that the project team that you work on or with could make more thoughtful and conscientious project-level decisions? What would it be like to have a completely independent, well-informed project team,…
    • stephen powers post

With Purpose

by Priya Tirtha

Ever take a leap of faith? Recently moving across the country from San Francisco to Philadelphia was definitely one for me. Not in the sense that I didn’t think that Philly would be an amazing city,…
    • kman

Prototyping funny

by Stuart Romanek

Run the term 'prototype' through Medium's search field and be overwhelmed with the number of opinions, methodologies, & frameworks for design and web development that come back to you. A hot topic for sure with a…