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Excitement is the currency of open source software

by Kyle Stetz

The Apostrophe project has been around in some capacity since the early days of P’unk Ave. It’s an open source content management system that we use to build almost all of our client projects. Version 2–…
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P'unk Ave Goes to San Francisco

by Joel Smith

The development team at P'unk Avenue has solidly committed itself to a darling little language called JavaScript. Fluency in JS has become a mark of success for developers here, on both sides of the browser. So…
    • gotofail

What Apple's "goto fail" teaches us as developers at P'unk Avenue

by Thomas Boutell

You have probably heard that there is a massive security hole in Mac OS X thanks to a nasty mistake in Apple's implementation of SSL (secure sockets layer, the thing that powers online shopping). If you're…
    • fixit versus superman

Faster, Mongo!

by Thomas Boutell

Apostrophe 2, our content management system, is built on the MongoDB database. Although MySQL was our standby for many years, we really do feel that MongoDB is Superman to MySQL's Fix-It Felix. But there are times…
    • ajax

How to sprinkle magic fairy dust in your AJAX

by Thomas Boutell

This code is terrible! Do it and you'll wonder why users of different browsers get different results. For some, clicking any button element does exactly what you want it to. For others, nothing happens. That's because…
    • bit montage

The iPhone 5s is 64 bit! Does that mean it's eight bucks?

by Thomas Boutell

iOS 7 has arrived. And it's 64 bit! Great! But... what the heck does that mean? That's a fun question, because people have been throwing around claims about "8 bit," "16 bit," "32 bit" and more…
    • Twitter Bootstrap

How do you use Bootstrap?

by Thomas Boutell

By now, just about everyone knows about Twitter Bootstrap, a simple framework for styling websites in an attractive and consistent way. But everyone uses it differently. Some shops use it in production, theming it to various…
    • clndr logo

Calendars & Re-, Re-Inventing the Wheel

by Kyle Stetz

In the mad shuffle to push front-end browser technology beyond the limits of sanity, we forgot about calendars. The calendar grid is a common design element, sometimes relegated to a "widget" in a sidebar and other…
    • Arch St. Meeting House

Announcing the Junto Retreat – Early Ticket Release!

by Geoff DiMasi

We are excited to announce the pre-release of tickets for the Junto Retreat, an intentional gathering for business owners and leaders to dialogue on what it means to be "not just for profit". The Junto was…
    • cardar iphone

Dude, where's my car?

by Geoff DiMasi

If you live in a city and share a car with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/lover/friend, you probably have a "dude, where is our car" moment every once in awhile (or maybe every day... no judgement). Don't despair! We…
    • selective

Making time to polish and publish the pieces: new jQuery plugins from Apostrophe 2

by Thomas Boutell

We've been working hard on Apostrophe 2, our new content management system. In fact, it's already running in production on the Delaware River Waterfront website. (Yes, we'll share a proper case study of that project with…
    • kickshirts

Kickshirts! Shopping for T-shirts with a Purpose

by Joel Smith

P'unk Ave has launched a fun little side project to help you sort out all the cool Kickstarter projects that offer a T-shirt as a reward for pledging your support. As has been our preference lately,…
    • one way

How I Got Here and What I Learned Along the Way - Month 4 in the P’unk Apprenticeship

by Joel Smith

On a trip this last weekend, I was reflecting with a friend about how we arrived at our current stations in life. Our lives are incredibly parallel at this moment: we both spent time in graduate…
    • the empty air original

The Empty Air: An Interactive Sound Walk

by Thomas Boutell

The Empty Air is an interactive sound walk of Rittenhouse Square. "What the heck is a sound walk?" It's easiest to describe this way: Hit Apple's app store and install the app on your iPhone or…
    • Apprentice Page Screenshot

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose in the Building of the Apprentice Page - Month 3 in the P’unk Apprenticeship

by Joel Smith

You may or may not have heard, but P’unk Ave published a new webpage this past month. It’s a page that fleshes out the specifics of our apprentice program. You can check it out at http://apprentice.punkave.com.…
    • tshirt

P'unk Ave T-Shirt For Sale!

by Geoff DiMasi

For last year's Philly Foursquare Games, Tim designed some P'unk Ave t-shirts so that we could look stylish and sporty. We got some extra printed and now you can look sporty, too! Grab your own shirt…
    • PlanPhilly homepage

PlanPhilly: connecting the people with their city

by Thomas Boutell

Engagement with Philadelphia is one of P'unk Avenue's core values. So when we got the nod to redesign and rebuild planphilly.com, we were excited. PlanPhilly "engages and educates citizens on the value of a well-designed city…
    • Team P'unk

Hiring: Join our team as a back-end developer!

by Alex Gilbert

P'unk Avenue is a digital agency that creates websites and mobile applications for purpose-driven organizations. It is our goal to work on projects that empower people, improve quality of life, support the creation of knowledge, and…
    • Learning on the Curve

Apostrophe and the P’unk Learning Curve - Month 2 in the P’unk Apprenticeship

by Joel Smith

Learning with Apostrophe Apostrophe was born out of a complaint. Content management systems were (and one might argue, are) causing too much friction: not so much for the developers, who spent a majority of their time within…
    • window post jan 3rd

The P’unk Way: Empathy, Authenticity and Alanis Morissette

by Ilyssa Kyu

Not only am I one of the newest – and most female-est – additions to P’unk Avenue, but my position as a user experience designer & strategist is new to the team. While P’unk Avenue has…