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Wed, Apr 1 2015

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Mural Arts: Open Workshop

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We were invited by the Mural Arts Program to facilitate a conference focused on skill-building in the community engagement process.

Though we have years of experience engaging with communities under our own belt, through interviews with Mural Arts staff and artists, we discovered there would already be a tremendous wealth of expertise, knowledge and experiences in the room between the art educators, teaching artists, contracted artists, admin staff and project managers attending the Open Workshop.

With this in mind, we designed a four-hour workshop with exercises that will allow participants to reflect on and share their own processes, experiences and tools – as well as learn tools, tips and tricks that will enable them leave with new skills and actionable next steps or ideas for continuing to evolve their individual practice.

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Additionally, in our initial conversations, we learned it was important for the organization to continually foster a community of sharing and mutual learning for the whole of Mural Arts. Our team recommended the Mural Arts Program maintain this as an ongoing, annual event as a way for improving the everyday practice of their work through the open exchange of ideas and experiences, and provided a name and flexible brand system for the Mural Arts Open Workshop.

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The inaugural Open Workshop: Community Engagement will take place in June 2015.