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Wed, Apr 1 2015

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Workshops & Retreats

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Whether you’re looking to work through a specific challenge, to generate ideas, or to deepen your connection with yourself and your team, our collaborative and participatory workshops and retreats are thoughtfully designed and tailored specifically for you and your organization. 

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We know that many meetings and company retreats are not as productive as they could be. They tend to be exhausting, don’t lead to our best ideas, and don’t allow individuals to contribute equally.

We use our experience as artists, designers, strategists, and people to create meaningful experiences that guide your organization through creative, focused, and engaging exercises designed to be rewardingly challenging and to remind you why you do the work that you do.

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Over the years, we have developed and adapted our workshops and retreats to be effective in many different contexts: web and software projects, identity and branding work, research and strategy engagements, business ideation, company retreats (including our own), retreats for individuals, and conferences. Each experience is tailored specifically to your organization after we’ve gotten to know you and your goals through in-person conversations, site visits, observations, interviews, and any supplemental existing work, if available. Some of these engagements are intended for participants to generate particular ideas or address specific goals, and some are simply intended for participants to learn, listen, reflect, and share.

We typically take one of two approaches for designing workshops and retreats:

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Tacking is an effective sailing strategy of cutting across the wind to reach a final destination quicker than sailing in a straight line. While it requires you to cover a longer distance, it is the fastest (and only) way to get there. Shortcuts do not work.

Our workshops go beyond information gathering—we use exercises to explore where there is alignment, to build consensus, generate empathy, share ideas, and to dream and work together all in effort to formulate actionable next steps. Whether you’re looking to generate ideas for a project or work through a specific challenge, we design experiences that help you tack towards a specific goal or outcome while learning along the way. 
Here are some projects we're excited about:
    • ramble

A ramble is a journey taken without a definite route.
We think that sometimes the outcome is less important than the journey itself.

We will work with your team in identifying your general goals and design a thoughtful experience tailored specifically to your needs. These workshops and retreats are not about a single outcome or leaving with concrete next steps. Instead, it’s about the experiences itself. Perhaps you are looking to support individuals in identifying their goals and dreams, generate as many ideas as possible, engage a group of people around a particular topic or create opportunities for your team to work together or learn more about each other.
Here are some projects we're excited about:

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